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We welcomed the new year here at #StoneBendFarm with big plans and bits of progress from existing goals. Still on the path to accomplish a lifestyle in harmony with mother nature, while figuring out a responsible way to navigate this modern world.

We'll be announcing our 2020 events schedule over the coming weeks so be on the look out for where you can enjoy #stonebendpizza this year in the #fingerlakes region.

Don't be surprised if you swing by the farm this summer to find a whole lot going on -- in addition to our normal farm operations, campers, bnb guests, and catering gigs, we will break ground on a project that has been in the works for a few years... #thefingerlakeskitchen #stonebendfarm #thefingerlakeskitchenatstonebendfarm We're very excited to share this adventure with you all!


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Well, it's different than we've ever known and we are rolling with the punches up here at the farm. Between a silly spring weather pattern and navigating the current health crisis we have managed to

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