Well, it's different than we've ever known and we are rolling with the punches up here at the farm. Between a silly spring weather pattern and navigating the current health crisis we have managed to keep business moving from our gardens to the pizza popups. We are overwhelmed by the support our little business receives weekly and we are doing our best everyday to meet the demand. -

We have some really exciting changes coming in the next couple weeks: guest chef, social distancing movie night, online cooking classes through Cornell and we will just be out more with the oven in general! Follow us on social media to stay up to date- until next time - STAY SAFE, BE SMART!

After a trial weekend of serving up contactless #stonebendpizza at Bar Argos in #DowntownIthaca we've decided to make it a semi-permanent situation for the foreseeable future. Want to get farm to table wood fired pizza every weekend without even touching any door, dollars or dude/ettes (told you there were more)... PRE ORDERS are the name of the game: We will launch pre orders on Wednesday evenings at 8pm for both Friday and Saturday contactless pickups at #argosinn #barargos . Just go to and click the link for pre orders... and if pizza wasn't enough, you can order delicious cocktails to boot!


We welcomed the new year here at #StoneBendFarm with big plans and bits of progress from existing goals. Still on the path to accomplish a lifestyle in harmony with mother nature, while figuring out a responsible way to navigate this modern world.

We'll be announcing our 2020 events schedule over the coming weeks so be on the look out for where you can enjoy #stonebendpizza this year in the #fingerlakes region.

Don't be surprised if you swing by the farm this summer to find a whole lot going on -- in addition to our normal farm operations, campers, bnb guests, and catering gigs, we will break ground on a project that has been in the works for a few years... #thefingerlakeskitchen #stonebendfarm #thefingerlakeskitchenatstonebendfarm We're very excited to share this adventure with you all!

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